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Invicta lends expert voice to British Baker's Bakery Project

Invicta lends expert voice to British Baker's Bakery Project

Business Development Manager, Lee Croucher, is quoted in editorial feature.

Invicta prides itself on the knowledge and expertise of its staff and we are always happy to offer advice to our customers, particularly when it comes to choosing and maintaining equipment.

The company has also been around for more than a century as both a manufacturer and supplier of bakery equipment and subsequently has built up an industry ‘know-how’ that is second to none. It has a strong reputation in the trade for this expertise, and it is for this reason that Invicta was approached by the editor of British Baker magazine for help with its popular editorial series, ‘The Bakery Project.’

Aimed at new or expanding businesses, the series covers a range of relevant topics and, as a former baker himself, the Invicta Group’s Business Development Manager, Lee Croucher (pictured), was only too pleased to offer advice for part six of the series which tackled the subject of ‘Equipment’. In the editorial he talks about the wide range of products available and comments on their selection. Read the full article below by following the link.

As well as start-up, specialist and small bakeries, Invicta also counts amongst its customers larger businesses. No order is considered too small and advice is tailored carefully to the customer’s individual needs.

To speak to someone in our sales team, please call 01751 473483.

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