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Wall Shelves

304 grade Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

Our price-beating 'economy range' makes an empty wall into a cost-effective storage area.


describes our cost effective shelving system which allows for either fixed or adjustable mounting from the same one-piece shelf design.

Either fix your shelves directly on to the wall, or simply slip the same shelf's slotted downturned ends over correspondingly hooked brackets for vertical or horizontal group assembly to allow easy lift-off removal or adjustment as required.

1000mm high optional mounting brackets (single or linking) provide for a 3-tier assembly giving 310mm high open spaces between shelves, or a 2-tier assembly giving 610mm space. (A two-high bracket system doubles these options.)

Interested in Wall Shelves ?

We're more than happy to chat with you to discuss your requirements or recommend a better suiting product.

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