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Invicta lends a helping hand to Chilli Penguins!

Invicta lends a helping hand to Chilli Penguins!

When the weather gets a little chilly.... Invicta offers a bespoke solution to stove manufacturer.

Invicta is best known for supplying products to the bakery, catering and food processing industries but we also have customers from other walks of life such as Chilli Penguin Stoves - a small, family-run business in North Wales.

The company manufactures a fantastic range of multi-fuel stoves that can be found in homes, offices, pubs, canal boats, shepherd’s huts and even a cave dwelling across the UK. They are renowned for their beautiful, functional designs and excellent performance capabilities.

We were delighted when Chilli Penguin commissioned us to make some bespoke trays for their mini stoves that not only fitted to their exact specifications but also matched their own high manufacturing standards.

So where does the company name come from? Evidently, when the company started out some 20 years ago, the founders needed a name for their first stove. One of their young son’s favourite books was about a penguin who didn’t like the cold and from that chilly penguin, Chilli Penguin was born. 

What a great idea!

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