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Invicta helps with biological pest control

Invicta helps with biological pest control

Invicta supplies racks and trays for breeding insects.

If you thought that Invicta only supplies products to the bakery and food manufacturing industries then think again!

We've been working on a large bespoke order for Bioline AgroSciences Ltd - a global company that produces a range of invertebrate organisms which are used for the control of pests in a variety of agricultural crops. Using insects to control other insects not only increases the yield of crops such as cut flowers, vegetables and soft fruit, but also reduces the need for pesticides.

The company's site in Little Clacton, Essex, needed some racks and punched-out trays for housing insects in their breeding rooms. Due to the high humidity required for hatching, the equipment is being specially manufactured from top quality stainless steel. As well as being lightweight and easy to move around, the resulting product is also easy to clean – essential for the company to meet its own high production standards.

If you need any kind of product moving or storing, then please contact us about our bespoke services on 01751 473 483.

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