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Invicta cup trays prove popular with customers

Invicta cup trays prove popular with customers

Sales of our exclusive 'tray-locking' cup trays continue to rise.

One of our best-selling ranges is the Invicta cup trays which use a unique patented 'tray-locking' manufacturing system.

Using the tray-locking method, specially formed cups are pressed and seamed into their trays. This makes them particularly durable and they are carefully designed to provide a sustained, top-rate performance representing an excellent return on your investment.

Trays can be manufactured to suit customers' specific requirements but our standard ranges include muffin trays (standard, mini, crown and jumbo),  mini loaf cup trays and Belgian bun trays. A choice of coatings is also available.

To find out more about these and any other of our products, please contact a member of our sales team on 01751 473483.

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