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Cane bannetons have the characteristic spiral pattern which is imprinted onto the baked bread giving the signature artisan-baked pattern. Available in a variety of sizes, all cane proving baskets should be dusted with rye flour prior to each use. When the dough is shaped and ready for it's final prove, it should be placed in the proving basket and proved until it is ready to go in the oven, at which point the dough is tipped out and baked.

These round cane bannetons are available in three sizes: 

1kg = internal 200mm diameter x 73mm deep

750g = internal 200mm diameter x 72mm deep

500g = internal 190mm diameter x 76mm deep

Available in:

  • 1kg Round Cane (6481)
  • 750g Round Cane (6499)
  • 500g Round Cane (6483)
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