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Invicta has a manufacturing pedigree that goes back over a century and although it is one of the market leaders, the company has never stood still or rested on its laurels. 

Manufacturing excellence

Some of our lines such as the unique patented tray-locked cup trays, are exclusive to Invicta.

We always respond readily and enthusiastically to customer requirements and the changing needs of the food industry and, as such, our products are constantly being refined and developed.

For this reason we are constantly investing in new machinery and equipment, not only to keep at the forefront of changing technology but also to improve efficiency that in turn facilitates a quicker service for customers.

But we haven’t forgotten about good, old-fashioned craftsmanship. We have some of the most skilled spinners and welders in the business, many of whom have decades of industry experience and know-how. They take a huge pride in their work and, as such, every Invicta product is subjected to strict quality control so that it meets the highest of standards.

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Invicta cup trays prove popular with customers

Invicta cup trays prove popular with customers

3rd July 2018

Sales of our exclusive 'tray-locking' cup trays continue to rise.

Invicta sponsors CBA Conference

Invicta sponsors CBA Conference

8th June 2018

Are you going to the CBA 2018 Conference in Manchester? Come and visit our exhibition stand.

Temporary office job leads to role as MD

Temporary office job leads to role as MD

19th May 2018

John Waddington celebrates 40 years at Invicta